Liver, Digestive and Inflammatory Diseases

Molecular neuroimmunoendocrinology

Antonio Carrillo Vico
Antonio Carrillo Vico
Campus Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío
Avda. Manuel Siurot, s/n.
41013 · Sevilla
Laboratory: 210
Juan Miguel Guerrero Montávez
Juan Miguel Guerrero Montávez
Campus Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío
Avda. Manuel Siurot, s/n.
41013 · Sevilla

Laboratory: 210

Juan Miguel Guerrero Montávez

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Group: Molecular neuroimmunoendocrinology

Group members Molecular neuroimmunoendocrinology
  • Álvarez López, Ana Isabel.Investigadora en Formación
  • Álvarez Ríos, Ana.Degree in Pharmacy. Resident - Clinical Analysis (HUVR).
  • Bejarano Hernando, Ignacio.Doctor en Biología
  • Blázquez Nieto, Yaiza.Investigadora Programa Yo Investigo
  • Carrillo Vico, Antonio.PhD in Biology. Assistant Professor Doctor (University of Seville).
  • Cruz Chamorro, Iván.Doctor en biología. Investigador posdoctoral
  • Guerrero Montávez, Juan Miguel.PhD in Biochemistry. Professor/Head of Service (US/HUVR).
  • Lardone, Patricia Judith.PhD in Biology. Assistant Professor Doctor (University of Seville).
  • Leal Noval, Manuel.Dr. en Medicina y Cirugía
  • López González, Antonio.Degree in Medicine.
  • Macher Manzano, Hada.Degree in Medicine & Surgery. Faculty Staff - Clinical Biochemistry (HUVR).
  • Molinero Hueso, Patrocinio.MD/PhD. Professor (University of Seville).
  • Parralejo Ayala, Iván.Investigador Predoctoral FPU. Ldo. en Bioquímica
  • Ponce España, Eduardo.Investigador Predoctoral - PIF
  • Rubio Calvo, Amalia.PhD in Biology. Associate Professor (University of Seville).
  • Santos Sánchez, Guillermo.Graduado en Dietética y Nutrición Humana. Investigador en Formación FPU.

Research areas

The main research lines of the group are related to melatonin and can be summarised as follows:

  • Synthesis of melatonin in the immune system.
    Our main line of research is in the field of melatonin, a hormone formerly related only to the pineal gland. Our group has demonstrated that this hormone is synthesised in significant quantities in human T lymphocytes, in which it behaves as an autocrine, paracrine and intracrine agent participating in the regulation of expression of the IL-2 gene and its receptor.
  • Mechanisms of action of melatonin in inmunocompetent cells.
    In the last few years we have described that the actions of melatonin in the immune system are mediated through their interaction with membrane receptors (MT1 and MT2) containing seven trans-membrane spanning domains, and with nuclear receptors of the ROR/RZR family, formerly considered as orphan receptors and for which melatonin could be their natural ligand. Both receptor types act synergistically to activate the production of IL-2 by human lymphocytes.
  • Melatonin as a natural compound.
    Independently of the production of melatonin by the pineal gland and numerous other peripheral tissues (immune system, alimentary canal, respiratory tract, etc.), melatonin is found in unicellular organisms and, in fact, in almost all living species in the plant and animal kingdoms. Our group has identified appreciable amounts of melatonin in olive oil and wine. The content is sufficient to elevate levels of melatonin in a human being with the single ingestion of two glasses of wine. The antioxidant effects of melatonin make these studies potentially important in the field of nutrition.
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