Cell and Tissue Culture

The IBIS Cell and Tissue Culture Service offers its users the possibility of cultivating and experimenting with all types of cells from different origins, which constitutes a basic tool of fundamental application in today's Biomedicine. 

The facilities of the Service have the authorization of the Interministerial Council of Genetically Modified Organisms for the development of activities of confined use with Biosafety level 2 (According to Law 9/2003, of April 25, which establishes the legal regime for the confined use, voluntary release and commercialization of genetically modified organisms and Royal Decree 178/2004, of January 30, of development of said Law (modified by Royal Decree 367/2010, of March 26 and Royal Decree 191/2013, of March 15). (A/ES/15/I-08 and A/ES/15/19).

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