Oncohematology and Genetics

Cell therapy and new therapeutic targets in onco-hematology

José Antonio Pérez Simón
José Antonio Pérez Simón
Campus Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío
Avda. Manuel Siurot, s/n.
41013 · Sevilla

Laboratory: 202
Iván  Valle Rosado
Iván Valle Rosado
Campus Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío
Avda. Manuel Siurot, s/n.
41013 · Sevilla

José Antonio Pérez Simón

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Group: Cell therapy and new therapeutic targets in onco-hematology

Group members Cell therapy and new therapeutic targets in onco-hematology
  • Álvarez Laderas, Isabel.Lda. en Bioquímica. Investigadora Predoctoral
  • Barbado González, María Victoria.Doctor en Bioquímica. Investigadora Postdoctoral.
  • Bejarano García, José Antonio.Ldo. en Biología
  • Caballero Velázquez, Teresa.Doctor en Medicina. Post-MIR, Río Hortega.
  • Calderón Cabrera , Cristina.Lda. en Medicina. Post-MIR. Río-Hortega.
  • Domingo Rodríguez, Esther.Dra. en Biología.
  • Durán Galván, Mª José .Técnico Superior de Laboratorio (FP2). Técnico.
  • Escamilla Gómez, Virginia.FEA HUVR
  • Falantes González, José F.Ldo. en Medicina. FEA-Hematología (HUVR).
  • García Calderón, Clara Beatriz.Dra. en Biología.
  • García Guerrero, Estefania.Degree in Biotechnology. PhD student.
  • González Campos, José.
  • Guerrero Gómez , David.Ldo. en Biología
  • Hernández Díaz, Paola.Técnico Superior de Laboratorio (FP2). Técnico.
  • Magaz Cuevas, Jorge.Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales. Técnico.
  • Martín Sánchez, Jesús.Ldo. en Medicina. FEA-Hematología y Hemoterapia (HUVR).
  • Medrano Domínguez, Mayte.Lda. en Biotecnología. Investigadora predoctoral.
  • Molinos Quintana, Agueda.Lda. en medicina.
  • Montero Cuadrado, Isabel.Lda. en Medicina. FEA-Hematología (HUVR).
  • Morales Camacho, Rosario.Doctor en Medicina. FEA-Hematología (HUVR).
  • Núñez Vázquez, Ramiro.Ldo. en Medicina. FEA-Hematología (HUVR).
  • Pérez Hurtado, José Mª.Ldo. en Medicina. FEA-Hematología (HUVR).
  • Pérez Simón, José Antonio.MD/PhD. Head of Service (HUVR).
  • Rodríguez Arbolí, Eduardo.FEA HUVR
  • Rodríguez Martorell, Fco. Javier.Doctor en Medicina
  • Tinoco Gago, Isabel .Técnico Superior de Laboratorio (FP2). Técnico.
  • Valle Rosado, Iván .Contratado Ramón y Cajal Dpto. Genética, Universidad de Sevilla

Research areas

The Department of Hematology of the University Hospital Virgen del Rocío/Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBiS) is one of the largest in Spain, providing a range of services for the different disciplines within this field, and serving as a national reference centre in several of these. Our laboratory in the IBIS complex is focused on traslational research in Hematology with a view to taking advantage of the enormous potential contained within the different disciplines.

Our main areas of interest are the following:

1.    Cell therapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation:

  • Immunomodulation and new drugs: we have described the immunomodulatory effect of several new drugs and their potential use within the allogeneic transplant setting. Several drugs are currently being evaluated using this approach.
  • Cell therapy and transplantation: we have developed a new method to induce allodepletion, which allows the immune response against pathogens or tumor cells to be maintained; this technique will be used in a clinical context, or more specifically, in the haploidentical transplant setting.
  • Mesenchymal stem cells: we are evaluating the immunomodulatory properties and differentiation capabilities of these cells. The first clinical trial for patients diagnosed with graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) has been completed based on these data and a new trial is currently underway.

2.    New therapeutic targets

  • Tumor stem cells: we are carrying out molecular and genetic studies in patients with MDS and AML to identify specific pathways which are overactivated in tumor versus normal hematopoietic stem cells.

3. All these projects are performed ex vivo and in animal models (both mouse and large animal models, in collaboration with other groups). Our aim is to translate the approaches used to a clinical setting: "From bedside to bench and back".