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Técnicas radioterápicas especiales y guiadas por imagen

Antonio Leal Plaza
Antonio Leal Plaza

Antonio Leal Plaza

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Group: Técnicas radioterápicas especiales y guiadas por imagen

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  • Arrans Lara, Rafael.Dr. en Ciencias Físicas
  • Carrasco Herrera, María Auxiliadora.Lda. en Ciencias Físicas
  • Jiménez Ortega, Elisa Eugenia.Lda. en Ciencias Físicas. Doctora en Biología Molecular, Biomedicina e Investigación
  • Leal Plaza, Antonio.Dr. en Ciencias Físicas
  • López Valverde, José Antonio.Ldo. en Biomedicina
  • Miras del Río, Héctor.Ldo. en Ciencias Físicas
  • Perucha Ortega, María.Dra. en Ciencias Físicas
  • Terrón León, José Antonio.Dr. en Ciencias Físicas
  • Ureba Sánchez, Ana María.Dra. en Ciencias Físicas
  • Velázquez Miranda, Santiago.Ldo. en Ciencias Físicas

Research areas

International Journals
Cambil, T; Terron, JA; Marin, C; Martin, T
I-125 radioactive seed localization (RSL) in surgery of cervical metastasis of thyroid cancer
Abdo-Cuza, AA; Gomez-Bravo, MA; Perez-Bernal, JB; Suarez-Lopez, J; Gomez-Peire, F; Leiva-Torres, JL; Bejerano-Gil, N; Leal-Alpizar, G; Espinosa-Nodarse, N; Castellanos-Gutierrez, R
Health Care-Associated Infection in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
Jiménez-Ortega E, Ureba A, Baeza JA, Barbeiro AR, Balcerzyk M, Parrado-Gallego Á, Wals-Zurita A, García-Gómez FJ, Leal A
Accurate, robust and harmonized implementation of morpho-functional imaging in treatment planning for personalized radiotherapy.
PLoS One.
Sánchez-Nieto B, Romero-Expósito M, Terrón JA, Irazola L, García Hernández MT, Mateos JC, Roselló J, Planes D, Paiusco M, Sánchez-Doblado F
External photon radiation treatment for prostate cancer: Uncomplicated and cancer-free control probability assessment of 36 plans.
Phys Med.
Irazola L, Sánchez-Nieto B, García-Hernández MT, Terrón JA, Roselló J, Ortiz-Seidel M, Béjar MJ, Linares R, Vélazquez S, Sánchez-Doblado F
Radiat Prot Dosimetry.
Kjellsson Lindblom E, Ureba A, Dasu A, Wersäll P, Even, A J G, van Elmpt W, Lambin P, Toma‐Dasu I
Impact of SBRT fractionation in hypoxia dose painting — Accounting for heterogeneous and dynamic tumor oxygenation
Med. Phys
Miras H, Jiménez R, Perales Á, Terrón JA, Bertolet A, Ortiz A, Macías J.
Monte Carlo verification of radiotherapy treatments with CloudMC.
Radiat Oncol.
Parrilla-Vallejo M, Perea-Pérez R, Relimpio-López I, Montero-de-Espinosa I, Rodríguez-de-la-Rúa E, Terrón-León JA, Díaz-Granda MJ, Coca-Gutiérrez L, Ponte-Zuñiga B, Espejo-Arjona F.
Retinoblastoma: The importance of early diagnosis
Arch Soc Esp Oftalmol.
Sánchez-Nieto B, Romero-Expósito M, Terrón JA, Irazola L, Paiusco M, Cagni E, Ghetti C, Filice S, Sánchez-Doblado F.
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy and volumetric modulated arc therapy versus conventional conformal techniques at high energy: Dose assessment and impact on second primary cancer in the out-of-field region.
Rep Pract Oncol Radiother
Mondlane G, Ureba A, Gubanski M, Lind PA, Siegbahn A.
Estimation of the risk for radiation-induced liver disease following photon- or proton-beam radiosurgery of liver metastases.
Radiat Oncol
Mondlane G, Ureba A, Gubanski M, Lind PA, Siegbahn A
Estimation of Risk of Normal-tissue Toxicity Following Gastric Cancer Radiotherapy with Photon- or Scanned Proton-beams.
. Anticancer Res.
Tsubouchi T, Henry T, Ureba A, Valdman A, Bassler N, Siegbahn A
Quantitative evaluation of potential irradiation geometries for carbon-ion beam grid therapy
. Med Phys.
Ureba A, Lindblom E, Dasu A, Uhrdin J, Even AJG, van Elmpt W, Lambin P, Wersäll P, Toma-Dasu I.
Non-linear conversion of HX4 uptake for automatic segmentation of hypoxic volumes and dose prescription.
Acta Oncol.
Balcerzyk, M; Fernández-López, R; Parrado-Gallego, A; Pachón-Garrudo, VM; Chavero-Royan, J; Hevilla, J; Jiménez-Ortega, E; Leal, A.
Application of EARL (ResEARch 4 Life (R)) protocols for [F-18]FDG-PET/CT clinical and research studies. A roadmap towards exact recovery coefficient.
Nucl Instrum Meth A
Irazola L, Terrón JA, Bedogni R, Pola A, Lorenzoli M, Jiménez-Ortega E, Barbeiro AR, Sánchez-Nieto B, Sánchez-Doblado F.
Neutron measurements in radiotherapy: A method to correct neutron sensitive devices for parasitic photon response.
Appl Radiat Isot.
Irazola L, Terrón JA, Sánchez-Nieto B, Roberto B, Sánchez-Doblado F.
Peripheral equivalent neutron dose model implementation for radiotherapy patients
Phys Med.
Jiménez-Ortega E, Ureba A, Vargas A, Baeza JA, Wals-Zurita A, García-Gómez FJ, Barbeiro AR, Leal A.
Dose painting by means of Monte Carlo treatment planning at the voxel level.
Phys Med.
Míguez C, Jiménez-Ortega E, Palma BA, Miras H, Ureba A, Arráns R, Carrasco-Peña F, Illescas-Vacas A, Leal A.
Clinical implementation of combined modulated electron and photon beams with conventional MLC for accelerated partial breast irradiation.
Radiother Oncol.
Sánchez-Nieto B, Romero-Expósito M, Terrón JA, Sánchez-Doblado F.
Uncomplicated and Cancer-Free Control Probability (UCFCP): A new integral approach to treatment plan optimization in photon radiation therapy.
Phys Med
Mondlane G; Gubanski M; Lind PA; Ureba A; Siegbahn A.
Comparative study of the calculated risk of radiation-induced cancer after photon- and proton-beam based radiosurgery of liver metastases.
Phys Med
Mondlane G; Gubanski M; Lind PA; Ureba A; Siegbahn A.
Comparison of gastric-cancer radiotherapy performed with volumetric modulated arc therapy or single-field uniform-dose proton therapy.
Acta Oncol.
Books and articles in books
Henry T; Bassler N; Ureba A; Tsubouchi T; Valdman A; Siegbahn A.
Development of an interlaced-crossfiring geometry for proton grid therapy
Acta Oncol