Oncohematology and Genetics

Molecular Biology of Cancer

Amancio Carnero Moya
Amancio Carnero Moya
Campus Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío
Avda. Manuel Siurot, s/n.
41013 · Sevilla

Laboratory: 214

Amancio Carnero Moya

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Group: Molecular Biology of Cancer

Group members Molecular Biology of Cancer
  • Blanco Alcaina, Elena.Investigadora Predoctoral
  • Carnero Moya, Amancio.PhD in Biology. Staff Scientist (CSIC).
  • Celis Romero, Manuel .Grado en Biomedicina Básica y Experimental
  • Chaves Conde, Manuel.Doctor en Medicina. Facultativo clínico
  • Clemente González, Cynthia.Investigadora Predoctoral
  • Espinosa Sánchez, Asunción .Investigadora Predoctoral. Beca AECC.
  • Estévez García, Purificación.Degree in Medicine. Oncologist (Río Hortega).
  • Fuentes Pradera, José.FEA HUV Valme
  • García Heredia, José Manuel.Profesor ayudante doctor en Bioquímica
  • Marín López, Juan José.PhD in Biology. Assistant Professor (University of Seville).
  • Muñoz Galván, Sandra.PhD in Biology. Post-doctoral fellow.
  • Navas Maldonado, Lola Eufemia.Investigadora en Formación
  • Ortega Campos, Sara María.Investigadora Predoctural
  • Peinado Serrano, Javier.Ldo. en Medicina
  • Sánchez Díaz, Laura.Lda. en Biomedicina básica y experimental
  • Suárez Martínez, Elisa.Lda. en Biomedicina. Predoctoral.
  • Vázquez Gutiérrez, Inmaculada.Contratada FPI
  • Verdugo Sivianes, Eva Mª.Investigadora en Formación. Doctora en Biología Molecular
  • Zúñiga Pérez, Elena.Técnico

Research areas

The research lines in this laboratory are:

  • Identification and characterization of genes with therapeutic relevance in cancer.
  • Establishing causality in the initiation and progression of the tumoral process.
  • Validation of new therapeutic targets that could form the basis for the identification of new anti-tumor compounds.
International Journals
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Perez, M; Garcia-Heredia, JM; Felipe-Abrio, B; Munoz-Galvan, S; Martin-Broto, J; Carnero, A
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Combined MEK and PI3K/p110 beta Inhibition as a Novel Targeted Therapy for Malignant Mesothelioma Displaying Sarcomatoid Features
Munoz-Galvan, S; Felipe-Abrio, B; Verdugo-Sivianes, EM; Perez, M; Jimenez-Garcia, MP; Suarez-Martinez, E; Estevez-Garcia, P; Carnero, A
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Perez-Martinez, L; Romero, L; Munoz-Galvan, S; Verdugo-Sivianes, EM; Rubio-Mediavilla, S; Oteo, JA; Carnero, A; Blanco, JR
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Targeting Cancer Stem Cells to Overcome Therapy Resistance in Ovarian Cancer
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Prevention of oral mucositis secondary to antineoplastic treatments in head and neck cancer by supplementation with oral glutamine
Nutr Hosp.