Pathophysiology of neural stem cells

Ricardo Pardal Redondo
Ricardo Pardal Redondo
Campus Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío
Avda. Manuel Siurot, s/n.
41013 · Sevilla

Laboratory: 103

Ricardo Pardal Redondo

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Group: Pathophysiology of neural stem cells

Group members Pathophysiology of neural stem cells
  • Aguilar Morante, Diana.Doctora en Biologia
  • Annese, Valentina.PhD in Biology. Post-doctoral fellow.
  • Colmenero Repiso, Ana.Lda. Biología. Predoctoral.
  • Gómez Muñoz, Mª Ángeles.Investigadora en Formación
  • Pardal Redondo, Ricardo.PhD in Biology. Associate Professor (University of Seville).
  • Platero Luengo, Aida.Degree in Biology. PhD student.
  • Rodríguez Prieto, Ismael.Laboratory Technician (FP2).
  • Sobrino Cabello, Verónica.Degree in Biology. Technician.
  • Vega Moreno, Francisco.PhD in Biology. Post-doctoral fellow.

Research areas

Our group studies the biology of progenitor/stem cells in the adult nervous system. These cells reside in specific niches, from where they participate in the development, maintenance and repair of the neural tissue. The cellular and molecular contacts established within the niche, between the stem cells and the rest of the niche components, are essential for the normal functioning of neural stem cells. A disruption of these niche crosstalks could lead to disease conditions, due to a lack of regenerative capacity or to hyperproliferation within the niche. Our detailed studies on these neurogenic niches might contribute to an understanding of the mechanisms underlying tumorigenic growth within the nervous system.