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Antonio Ordóñez FernándezAntonio Ordóñez Fernández

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Cristina Pichardo GuerreroCristina Pichardo Guerrero

Diagnostic image

  1. Introduction
  2. Techniques
  3. Equipment
  4. Usage rules
  5. Prices
Diagnostic image

Diagnostic Imaging Service, composed by the art equipment, is intended to visualize different organs in small experimental animals in vivo. Moreover, this equipment allows Morphological and functional analysis. The unit offers technical support, intervention by users is not usually required, except in special cases.

Location:Ground floor (Operating theatre) and Basement.

Working hours:M-F: From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. *

(*) Those experiments that need time past the established hours could be made prior knowledge of the technician in charge.

Offered techniques are:

  • Ultrasonography: non-invasive technique that uses ultrasounds to visualize and evaluate internal structures of animals in real time, such as the abdominal organs (kidney, liver), heart, blood vessels.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): non-invasive diagnostic tool in which animal is subjected to a strong magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses. This technique allows visualization of internal organs morphology and tissue changes, as the detection of fibrosis after introduction of a contrast agent gadolinium-based.

All equipment will be handled by the technician.

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Ultrasound Imaging System VEVO 2100 Visualsonics

The equipment available includes:

  • MS 250 13-24 MHz probe for Cardiovascular tumors (<23 mm), Abdomen (<250 grams).
  • Thermal tables for rat and mouse (no weight limit).
  • Analysis software incorporated.
  • Equipment for inhalation anaesthesia with sevoflorano, maintaining spontaneous breathing.
  • ECG, respiratory rate and rectal temperature monitoring.


  • Abdominal studies.
  • Cardiovascular studies.
  • Vascular Pathology.
  • 2D Imaging.
  • Mobility study with M- mode.
  • Flow study with Doppler.

Magnetic Resonance ICON 1TESLA BRUKER

The ICON Magnetic Resonance operates with a permanent magnet field of 1 Tesla (low field). This system allows to obtain images in vivo and ex vivo.

The equipment available includes:

  • Radiofrequency body coils for rat (no weight limit for brain studies and for the rest up to 300 grams) and mouse (no weight limit).
  • 6.0 Paravision imaging software and VIRTUE cardiovascular analysis software.
  • Equipment for inhalation anaesthesia with sevoflorano, maintaining spontaneous breathing.
  • ECG, respiratory rate and rectal temperature monitoring.


  • Neurological diseases studies.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Full body anatomy and identification of tumors.
  • 2D Imaging in axial, coronal and sagittal axes.
  • Specific techniques with gadolinium contrast.

General rules

  • Contact to the service for experimental design and budget request.
  • In order to make online reservations of service, it is necessary that the user is registered in the online booking system. You can also contact technical responsible by mail esanchez-ibis@us.es for availability of equipment.
  • Service access is restricted. It will only be accessible prior authorization from the responsible technician.
  • Equipment use depends exclusively on service technician.
  • Tested animals should be stocked in basement (possibility of ventilated racks and conventional confinement) during the experimental model.
  • When the results will be available, the service will notify the user by email.


  • Animals will be depilated with a special cream for the test. If these animals are predisposed to an allergy reaction, tell technician beforehand.
  • Absorbable sutures should be used in studies areas to avoid interferences.


  • Animals must be free of any ferromagnetic metal device interfering with the magnet.
  • Studies could be time-consuming. Therefore, number of animals should be carefully planned.
  • Users with pacemakers or metal clips are forbidden in the room. The rest of the users must be careful with the mobile equipment, watches, credit cards, ...

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