Job offer

A position of research support technician (Bachelor and / or Degree in Medicine)

[Ref. 070/19-HUVR-I]Entity: IBiS / HUVR
  • Deadline for submission:13/03/2019 14:00 horas.

Objective of the offer.

The objective of the present offer is to select a candidate that fulfills the requirements needed to participate in “Improving Health Research in EU through FAIR Data (FAIR4Health)”, whose Principal Investigator is MSc. Carlos Luis Parra Calderon, to be developed at the Group of Research and Innovation in Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Engineering & Health Economy at the Institute of Biomedicine of Seville - Hospital Virgen del Rocío of Seville.

Position offer.

  1. Contract Modality: Temporary (according to Estatuto de Trabajadores and/or Ley de la Ciencia)
  2. Professional Group: research support technician – Position: research support technician
  3. Foreseen start date: 18/03/2019
  4. Pre-determinate duration: 6 months (renewable)
  5. Working time: full time


The candidate will actively participate in the day-to-day scientifics activities and scientific coordination of the project FAIR4Health-H2020 as member of the Coordinating team, especifically in following activities:

  • Litterature review and preparation of report on cultural and organizational barriers for the implementation of a FAIR data strategy in health research
  • To prepare survey and participation in a focus group to explore effective ways to promote citizen participation as active actors in the generation of FAIR data for health research
  • To prepare of a report providing operational recommendations regarding the anonymization / pseudo-anonymization functionalities, information quality criteria, preservation of the registered information, mapping with ontologies / terminologies / standard vocabularies applicable to data and metadata from the research,
  • To generate a catalog of licenses for the use of data sets from health research
  • To prepare reports on its usability for each of the evolutive versions of the prototype of the developed solution.
  • To determine the data of the Clinical History that may be extracted for its fairification.
  • To lead the elaboration by the clinical team of the protocol of the protocols for the retrospective and prospective validation studies that will be carried out in the Project.
  • To participate actively in the tasks of disseminating project results through their participation in the development of the following activities: preparation and dissemination of press releases, newsletters and other project dissemination materials.
  • To establish a network of contacts of potential actors involved in health research to support both the recruitment and collaboration strategy in the project community and the awareness strategy for the adoption of the FAIR data philosophy in health research.
  • To attend international workshops as part of the dissemination of the FAIR data strategy for health research
  • To support the coordination team in the preparation of periodic reports and actively participate in meetings and teleconferences of the different government instruments of the project (General Assembly / Scientific Advisory Board / Steering Committee / WorkPackage leaders / Project Management Team / Innovation Unit).